The Driveway Entrance~
The Great Room~
The garage will be made into a Great Room~ Open, vaulted ceilings, lots of large, open windows. French doors leading out into the rear patio area~
A large stone fireplace, hardwood floors. An large, open area for entertaining and family gatherings~ 
An open archway where the entrance door is now exposes the stairway leading to the lower level. A chandelier hangs over the stairwell~
Large area rugs add warmth to the hardwood floors~
A beautiful, large chandelier is the centerpiece of the room~
The Back Yard~
The French doors of the Great Room open into the enclosed back gardens~
Ivy climbing the walls, an exterior fireplace, a wooden gate leads to the driveway/garage.
Step out into the rose garden and so much more.....

The Interior~
The Barn~
The Garden Shed~
November 2013~
July 2015~