A beautiful door to the entrance of the lower level leads out to the front awning.
An outdoor fireplace, rock stairways leading up the hills on either side of the house.
Its a shade garden here, hydrengeas, hostas, ivy and gardenias~
A waterfall and fish ponds flow alongside the walkway.
The floor under the awning is done in stonework.

The Walkways~
Flowers surround the rock stairways leading up the hills on either side of the house. Maidenhair Fern hangs down the brick retaining walls~
At the top of the stairway leading down along the waterfall there will be a large arbor to walk through as you decend down the stairway~
The Driveway Entrance~
The Surrounding Gardens~
The Great Room~
The garage will be made into a Great Room~ Open, vaulted ceilings, lots of large, open windows. French doors leading out into the rear patio area~
A large stone fireplace, hardwood floors. An large, open area for entertaining and family gatherings~
An open archway where the entrance door is now exposes the stairway leading to the lower level. A chandelier hangs over the stairwell~
Large area rugs add warmth to the hardwood floors~
A beautiful, large chandelier is the centerpiece of the room~
The Back Yard~
The French doors of the Great Room open into the enclosed back gardens~
Ivy climbing the walls, an exterior fireplace, a wooden gate leads to the driveway/garage.
Step out into the rose garden and so much more.....

The Interior~
The Barn~
I love the color blue of this barn~(pictured above)
Also would put double doors on the front of the barn and a wing off the right side adding more barn space.
It's a very nice sized barn, in good condition and well built~
The Garden Shed~